Follow Milo’s adventures in The Incredible  Unmarked Man. This is quirky eccentric outlook on life from its simple mundane and often emptiness to its erratic unpredictable rides that we all take, everyday.

Just some of the topics to look for are Work -If you cared about what you did in life as a job, would you really make more money? Dreams– Can you be a Superhero? Is that really dreaming or just left overs from that late nite pizza snack you had? Politics – Should our people in government office really get paid huge salaries or should they be paid more average compensation to reflect the real average man and woman? Sex – Just how often should you be getting your cookies and cream? Love – When you danced naked on that one Tuesday morning did you remember to close the curtain?

All this and more to come on the free online web comic and graphic novel by Rob Birt, “The Incredible Unmarked Man”

copyright 2010

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