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I provide the visual solutions


From the Technical, like patent illustration to the cute and cudly cartoons and satire


Logo Design

Simple, elegant and always noticed


Fine Art

Commissioned to your style needs and preference 



Multicam, animated, or 3D modeled  

It’s All About Visual Imagery

Great graphic and visual design is …
Art with intent and direction 

“As bad as we are at remembering names and phone numbers and word-for-word instructions from our colleagues, we have really exceptional visual and spatial memories.”
― Joshua Foer, Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything


Technical Illustration

Not only do I have a backgound in Industrial Art and Design but I have specifically been doing Patent Illustration for close to 10 years and still going …


Art and Design for Book Publication

Illustrating for Books, Patents, Advertisements, Products, Clothing, and so very much more

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Let’s go over some basics

My background and why you would want to work with me is rather multi-staged, diverse and eclectic.


Even prior to my college days I worked in stage presentation lighting and direction and then further continued that education in set design.


Sculpture, Product Design, Furniture Design, Drafting, 3d Modeling both computer aided and practical, if it’s in your world chances are I’ve worked with elements and design aspects that helped create it.


While you may not think this is a big one, I would tend to argue  against that concept. I had the benefit of working with the developmentally disabled population for close to twenty years. In this time I expanded my abilities in understanding people and humanity on a very basic level and how to reach out and connect with people and I like to think that is representative in my work.


it’s true if you talk to anyone who knows me, I’ll tell them I don’t believe in talent, but I do believe in passion and a passion to provide you with the design and illustration work possible.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take my word on it… 

Rob’s work is imaginative and fresh. As a designer and artist, he has tremendous talent in visualizing his client’s needs. He is also a pleasure to work with and is very reasonable, given the superlative quality of his work.

Christopher Smith
Compustar Technology Services, llc

Rob designed the cover for my book, “Selling for Fun and Profit – Take the ‘Icky’ and ‘Scary’ Out of Sales” in 2011. Rob is a creative, talented, fun artist, who took the idea I had and turned it into an even better concept than I ever imagined. He turned the work out on time (very important when one is publishing a book) and he’s extremely dependable. I highly recommend Rob’s work for any illustration work you might have. He really is superior!!

Hugh Liddle
Red Cap Sales Coaching

Offers over 15 years of experience in the field of Visual Communications and Design, including projects in video, web design, print, illustration, logo design, branding, corporate identity, industrial design and patent drawings

Rick Martin
The Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin, P.C.

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About me

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Rob Birt

Owner and Operator

Graphic Designer and Industrial Artist specializing in Illustration and Desktop Publishing, also including experience in Video Editing, Post Production, Web Design, 3D Modeling, and Patent Illustration.
Worked on a variety of design projects over 20 years including independent short film and a self published children’s book.
Independently worked directly with the developmentally disabled population for over 10 years and then co-founded and successfully grew a agency in the same field for an additional 5 years.

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Black Cap Productions, LLC. Launched

My personal business endeavor into the area of game development and more under the new business title Black Cap Productions, LLC. has been launched. Be looking forward to some published[…]

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April 11, 2018 0

The Incredible Unmarked Man Has Come To It’s End

The free online webcomic and graphic novel The Incredible Unmarked Man has come to an end after seven years/seven volumes and over 300 pages. Will be looking forward to publishing[…]

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September 30, 2017 0

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